Expectation of perfection undoes New Years’ resolutions

Why perfect?

Who’s perfect?

 This is the biggest week of the year for re-evaluation of the self and resetting our big goals. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring for big goals, and being ambitious for ourselves and our projects but sometimes it’s not the goal but the expectation of perfection that makes it come undone.

One of the main messages of Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World is that you’re all right as you are.  That doesn’t mean  we are not capable of more. The key is to understand our capabilities. If we accept ourselves and develop a deeper understanding of how ourselves and others we are usually capable of achieving much more than we realise. But when we attach the condition of perfection in others, and ourselves, the strains can soon show.

It’s not love itself that’s the problem. It’s when you attach to it the condition of perfection that you find yourself in trouble. You already know, in your heart, that you are not perfect. Yet still you may be expecting others to be perfect, and stop loving them if and when they fail to meet your standards. And in the same way, you fail to love yourself – because you’re not perfect, because you can’t meet a certain standard that you set for yourself.

Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World, Charles Bentley PhD and Marian Edmunds, 2012

All the best for the New Year, and for a joyful year of discovery in 2013.

Rediscover your authentic self.

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