Charles Bentley PhD‘s Unitive™ approach to personal development coaching has evolved as a result of his long experience in the field of human potential. Charles Bentley has worked in the field of human potential for over 3 decades and has developed the uniquely comprehensive Unitive approach to personal development.

Based in central London, Charles has a personal coaching clientele that includes media personalities, entrepreneurs, professionals in the business and corporate world, media and the arts. Charles is a recognised authority on personal development and life coaching and has appeared on BBC TV’s Omnibus, Channel 4, ITV1 and BBC Radio 4. Charles can be found at and

Marian Edmunds is a business and creative writer. Her work has appeared in major newspapers including the Financial Times where she was a staff journalist for 15 years. Marian is co-author of Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World, the book that’s a user-friendly GPS for humans. She’s also one of the contributors, along with F.Scott Fitzgerald, Jonathan Franzen and many more, to City-Pick New York published by Oxygen Books.
Marian worked as a staff journalist at the Financial Times in London for 15 years and has written for the Australian Financial Review, the Weekend Australian and leading travel & hospitality publications. She also specialises in business literature services and can be found at The Writing Business. Topics Marian has written about include the day her house became a tourist attraction, mergers and acquisitions, sugar cane, defence, architecture, and why she enters prize home lotteries. Marian’s fiction has been selected and shortlisted in competitions and she is working towards having her novels out soon.

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