I am still amazed when people love the book

Repeat after me....

Repeat after me….

By Marian Edmunds

A woman stood up at  a function I attended recently and said she had to recommend this great book to everyone. She was talking about Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World (You’re All Right As You Are If Only You Knew It!)  She said she was passing her copy on to friends and family to read and asking them to write in the back “I am all right as I am”.

Then, yesterday at a public event a woman, a new mother,  told me she had loved the book. It had been given to her by her husband as a birthday gift. I asked why she loved it. She said she had received it at just the right moment. She also had a thing about  perfection and this helped her to be  more accepting. Now she has passed the book on to her sister.

Navigational Tips seems to be the kind of book that people wish to share. Here is a review in the UK’s Sunday Times.  I am still amazed when people love the book and yet I know that between Charles Bentley PhD and myself, Marian Edmunds,  a good little book. Do let us know if it works for you.

You can find it with your preferred bookseller here.