I am still amazed when people love the book

Repeat after me....

Repeat after me….

By Marian Edmunds

A woman stood up at  a function I attended recently and said she had to recommend this great book to everyone. She was talking about Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World (You’re All Right As You Are If Only You Knew It!)  She said she was passing her copy on to friends and family to read and asking them to write in the back “I am all right as I am”.

Then, yesterday at a public event a woman, a new mother,  told me she had loved the book. It had been given to her by her husband as a birthday gift. I asked why she loved it. She said she had received it at just the right moment. She also had a thing about  perfection and this helped her to be  more accepting. Now she has passed the book on to her sister.

Navigational Tips seems to be the kind of book that people wish to share. Here is a review in the UK’s Sunday Times.  I am still amazed when people love the book and yet I know that between Charles Bentley PhD and myself, Marian Edmunds,  a good little book. Do let us know if it works for you.

You can find it with your preferred bookseller here.

Seeing the good in ourselves

Is this my good side?

Drawing : Roger Beale

WE OFTEN FOCUS so much on one or two aspects of our personalities or physical being that we no longer see our whole selves. Instead, we see a distorted image in which the qualities or features we don’t like about ourselves dominate.
Really? Can’t they see all the things I want to hide? Don’t they see that I could lose some weight? That my hair’s not right? Don’t they see my big feet?
Quite possibly. However, those things you see as wrong about you are just a part of you, and probably not seen as wrong by others. We may see a monster where others simply see a person. Besides, they are more likely to be pre-occupied by what they feel about themselves!
Of course, you may be able to improve or better maintain the parts of yourself you’re not satisfied with through education or training. If you are overweight or unfit, you may be able to exercise or change your diet to improve your fitness and well-being. But even when you do that, you’ll still be the same person. You’ll simply be a fitter, or slimmer, version of yourself. That may make you feel better, more mobile, and able to wear a smaller clothes size, and perhaps feel happier. But all of that is only a part of what makes up you as a person.

You need to look at yourself in a different way. If you can see yourself as the whole person you will see more clearly what role you are playing in events. You will understand very clearly what you are doing, and what you need to do next. It means that you are taking charge of your own feelings and actions. And you won’t be laying blame on others for how you are. It is not until we accept and understand ourselves that we can hope to accept and love others.

But how?

An excerpt from Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World by Charles Bentley PhD and Marian Edmunds

As you make your resolutions for 2013…

Navigating the New YearAt New Year particularly, we can feel as if we are pushed hard to towards desire to achieve our ‘perfect’ goal by coaches, parents, or figures of authority or by peer pressure. Are these really the goals that will bring fulfilment?

You can say, ‘These are my aims and goals
and I’m going to go hell-for-leather to achieve them.’
This is the unexamined life.
Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World
Charles Bentley PhD and Marian Edmunds, 2012

Loading ourselves up with huge lists of New Year resolutions can be a defence against allowing the surprises of exploring where our authentic natures may take us.

“The real journey of life is not to a far-away place, but a journey back into your authentic self. There you will find a deep understanding of your attitudes and behaviour that are fixed in the past. You will see your yearning for perfection for what it is, and that you perceive the world differently according to your present mood.
Through acceptance of your mortality and the discovery of the joy of living in the moment, and by re-connecting with your intuition, you’ll tap into a bottomless wellspring of authentic impulses and creativity.

Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World, Charles Bentley PhD and Marian Edmunds, 2012

All the best for the New Year, and for a joyful year of discovery in 2013.

Rediscover your authentic self.
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The gift you can give yourself

Can you, just for a change, accept yourself? Drawing: Roger Beale ©

Do you feel pressure to present a shiny, new, perfect version of yourself at Christmas? Does it matter if you don’t order organic turkey? Will you be kicked off the social ladder if you don’t send cards? And why punish yourself with New Year’s resolutions?
The best gift you can give yourself is to know you are all right, as you are, says UK personal development coach, Charles Bentley PhD.
There is no challenge, internal or external that can’t be navigated by someone with an integrated understanding of his or her authentic self, says Bentley. It’s about experiencing each event in your life as a present reality, instead of looking at it through the distorting mirror of the past, says Bentley.
Let go of your fantasies of an unattainable future and learn how to spot limiting attitudes and behaviour.

Marian Edmunds had a job with a leading newspaper, a London home, travel (and sometimes even a white Christmas). But she felt like she was always running – to the train, the office, the shops, and to pick up her child. Then, after attending to her family, she’d settle down for an evening of worrying about the next day at work. She’d worked so hard and all it had added up to was stress.
Through Bentley’s Unitive coaching, Edmunds started to better accept herself, and others, and never gave a damn about office politics again.
With original drawings by well-known Financial Times cartoonist Roger Beale, the book is a succinct guide to coping in the world as it is today. Most of all Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World shows you that you are all right, as you are. It will also help you to accept others as they are. It’s an important thing to know at Christmas.

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Navigational Tips to put in your pocket

When I saw the first printed proof of Navigational Tips For Living it was a huge moment. If you consider that Charles Bentley and I first talked about this book back in 1999 or 2000. It was big moment and I was thrilled. Yet, I was also disappointed for in the same moment I recognised that the book wasn’t there yet. When I saw the prototype workbook version against the first proof of the smaller edition in June, I knew we had done the right thing. So, some months later, I am about to sign off on the release of the smaller, more pocket-sized version of the book. It will be available on the main online booksellers and it will be available for ordering by booksellers. In the next few days I will post details of that release date which, touchwood, all fingers and toes crossed, will be in place in the next week or two and before the end of the month. My next post here will give that date. Now that is thrilling.

Keep calm and take a life map

Living in the world can be unsettling. There’s a lot to do – figuring out what to do amid economic fluctuations, navigating through emotional minefields and staying on course with the things you really want to do.

Keep calm and carry on reading – I found that message on a bookmark of a holiday novel I am reading. There’s nothing like reading, and being in a story. Each day over the holidays I unfolded a little chair and sat on the beach and read. Utterly engrossed. I looked up occasionally at people frolicking, at the waves that keep coming, all day and all night. One morning I looked up to see riders on brown horses. Behind them was the blue sea with white horses. It was a lovely scene, calm yet lively. I didn’t need to travel to see this. It’s right here, right where I am.

I felt calm when working on the text of Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World (We’re all right as we are, if only we knew it!). 

If some life issue or event or difficult people troubled me during the time of working on this book, I’d turn to the manuscript and work on the text for a while. Soon I would feel calm again. That is one of the  purposes of the book, to set out something of a user-friendly road map to for you to a place of calm.

* Available here in print on Lulu and as e-book on  http://www.amazon.com/Navigational-Living-Imperfect-World-ebook/dp/B007JTG8CY
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New book a GPS for humans

I have everything a person could desire – a beautiful home, a loving family, good friends, and a great career. I should be content with that, shouldn’t I? But the truth is, deep down, I’m not content. What’s wrong with me? 

YOU’RE ALL RIGHT as you are, if only you knew it. If you can let go of your fantasised goals in an uncertain future you will be able to get back in touch with the strength of your true nature. You’ll be able to re-discover your authentic place in the world and your ability to cope with whatever may happen in these rapidly changing and uncertain times
So can I change my persona, like putting on a different disguise, to suit any situation?
NO, NOT EXACTLY. We encounter problems when we’re not aware of the disguises we adopt. it’s like being concealed within an opaque cloak. Nobody on the outside can see the true you, and from the inside, even you are not sure of what you truly are.
If I am stuck in all these feelings and memories of past difficulties, how can I become unstuck?
Well, you could use this information in this book as a map, or a starter tool-kit. All of the problems associated with stress, coping and dependency are due to various levels of unfinished business, which can be classified according to the degree of resistance involved.

Can’t they see all the things I want to hide? Don’t they see that I could lose some weight? that my hair’s not right? Don’t they see my big feet?
Quite possibly. However, those things you see as wrong about you are just a part of you, and probably not seen as wrong by others.

We’re all right as we are, if only we knew it!

Charles Bentley’s Unitive ™ approach to personal development coaching has evolved as a result of his many years experience in the field of human potential.
Marian Edmunds is a writer. She was a staff journalist at the Financial Times for 15 years and her work appears in many major newspapers. Marian is among a distinguished group of contributors to the literary travel anthology City-pick New York.

This new book by Charles Bentley and Marian Edmunds is an essential guide to coping with present-day difficulties. Using Charles Bentley’s unitive approach to personal development coaching, this book is a kind of global positioning system you can use to navigate your own, perfectly valid pathway through an imperfect world.

Navigational Tips For Living In An Imperfect World 

(We’re all right as we are, if only we knew it!

By Charles Bentley PhD & Marian Edmunds
Drawings by Roger Beale
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