Navigational Tips for Living In An Imperfect World (We’re all right as we are, if only we knew it!)
Published by Navigational Tips For Living 2012

This book shows how to let go of your fantasised goals in an uncertain future, and to get back in touch with the strength of your true nature. Re-discover your authentic place in the world and the ability to cope with whatever may happen in these rapidly changing and uncertain times.


Charles Bentley PhD’s Unitive ™ approach to personal development coaching has evolved as a result of his many years experience in the field of human potential.

Marian Edmunds is a writer and business journalist. She  was a staff journalist at the Financial Times for 15 years and her work appears in many major newspapers. Marian is among a distinguished group of contributors to the literary travel anthology City-pick New York.

978-0-9872572-0-8 (PDF ebook edition)978-0-9872572-1-5 (EPUB ebook edition) 978-0-9872572-2-2 (print book edition)

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